Sunday, July 5, 2009

pop tarts and church

I like to make a good breakfast on Sunday mornings as the kids get so hungry during church if they don't eat a big breakfast. So as well as making eggs, I made these pop tarts. A cheaper alternative to store bought ones and tastier too!

We all enjoyed the church service this morning. Before we left for church, I remember hoping that we would sing a particular song that I like. I was so excited when the words came up on power point. A special treat and one that really prepared me for worship. Even the older kids enjoyed the message today and Alissa did a great job taking notes. I'm already looking forward to next Sunday!


melanie said...

yum!! i want one :)

so glad that you all enjoyed church!!& even with a song you wanted to sing. i love when that happens.


Susanna said...

i had prayed for you about church yesterday - cool to hear God answered!

taffie said...

those poptarts look awesome. I would rank them right up there with the homemade pita bread !

Kim said...

Hi Erika! I am so glad you found me through facebook :) We are a blogging family too! (well the girls anyway)

You can find my girls blog linked to mine. I am looking forward to getting to know you family better. It seems we have so much in common already!

I taught with the Fun With Faith organization in the public schools for six years before we began homeschooling and had such a love for ministering to the children. It has been harder to find that connection now that we are home and don't have kids there.

E-mail me through my blog and we will exchange numbers (or I can get it from Sophia).