Thursday, July 30, 2009

this and that

Thanks to God's amazing provision for our family we were able to have a "special" night last night. For months I have been looking for a Belgian waffle maker and yesterday I found one that was very inexpensive at a thrift store. A trip to our local Super Walmart got us some low fat turkey bacon. A friend who is moving gave us a bunch of food for our freezer which included tubs of cool-whip which we used for our meal as well. Brianna made us a strawberry sauce and we put all of that together to get waffles with strawberries and cool whip with bacon. Special nights get us a meal with a movie so we all ate our yummy meal watching a movie we rented from the library. Even Leah seemed to enjoy it :)

Caleb is our juice maker. Whenever we run out he is the one who makes more!

This is Leah's new way of sleeping. Too cute!

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melanie said...

what a fun night! those waffles look and sounds so good!!! yum!! i cant believe leahs full head of hair from the back!! it even looks curly! so cute.

leah sleeping like that is way too cute!! aww :) what a funny little girl.

miss you all...