Thursday, July 9, 2009


Brianna started teaching 5-Day Clubs this week. I thought that we as a family would take advantage of our "teacher" and so added a time in our schedule for Bri to tell us the missionary story that is part of what is taught at a club. It is a true story that took place in Haiti and is about a girl named Ti-Fam. It is broken into 5 segments and each one ends with a cliff hanger. It has been fun for me to watch the kids as they listen and then see the disappointment on their faces as Brianna tells them that if they want to find out what happens next they'll have to "come back again tomorrow"! I've heard, "honest?", "you're so annoying!", "can you just show us the next picture?","we still have time left on the schedule, just keep going!". Anyway, it's been great and today we'll be on the 4th out of 5.
This is not just a time filler. My prayer is that as they listen, the kids' hearts will be burdened for others and maybe even they will desire to be a missionary themselves some day.


ajnrileysmommy said...

oh i LOVE this story! my favorite one ever. also...i saw where ti-fam lived :)

Anonymous said...

its so great to see Bri teaching! I just wish i could hear her too:)

Mary Cunningham said...

that was Mary by the way:)