Monday, August 10, 2009

i love my schedule!

I love having a schedule. This is our third week on this current schedule and it will change next week when we start school. The kids go into a panic if I say we aren't following the schedule because they know the chaos that happens when we don't!
This one had to be made without the kids having their usual half hour individually with me since I needed these weeks to plan for our school year.
The schedule is what keeps me sane during the day and makes for happy mom and happy kids!
Since we are so used to schedules there are things I don't have to write on them now. Breakfast is at 8:00 with family devotions around the table, chores follow every meal and during rest time I "shouldn't know I have any kids!". (In other words.....QUIET!!!) Computer time is a privilege and relationships come first. They have to check and respond to e-mail before any chess or pbskids!
Well, MY schedule says it's time to finish typing out Brianna and Cameron's vocab tests!


grannimcd said...

There is a great old southern saying which seems appropriate here --- and anywhere >anytime: It says something like this: "Ain't Momma happy, ain't nobody happy!!! Amen to that sista!

melanie said...

you are so good!! :) what a great system you have with schedule's.

miss you!!