Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dover Point

In 2000 we started our family tradition of getting together at Dover Point on Labor Day. It started out as mom or dad's idea since Matt and I and the kids were leaving to go to school at Word of Life Bible Institute. It was a sort of going away party. We liked it so much we decided to do it every year! We Curriers missed one year when we were in Missouri, I think Mel missed a year when she was in college and Ron has missed a couple of years also. Mostly though we've all been together and have even added Gram and Bik and Grandma Cheryl to the festivities!
There is always football and sometimes Frisbee or soccer. The teams have gotten bigger it seems with each passing year. There were only 3 grand kids and only 2 of us kids had spouses when it started. Now there are 8 grand kids and all of us are married.
We have such a relaxing and fun time.
The weather was perfect on Monday and as expected so was our time there!

After we left the park, Dad treated us all to ice cream. Matt and I had apple pie ice cream- it was soooo good!!


melanie said...

YUM! that ice cream was so good!! :)

melanie said...

such a fun day!!! with so many great pictures, and memories!!