Saturday, October 31, 2009

fall festival

Today we went to a Fall Harvest Festival. As soon as we got there, the kids were each given a full bag of candy. Since there were so many fun things to do and I knew it would be hard for them to enjoy while holding a bag of candy, I told them that I would hold their bags for them. Notice my candy belt. And honest, I didn't steal even one piece of their candy!
Cameron's favorite game was this one:

Brianna bumped into her friend Hannah and they hung out for a while.

This slide was SO high! Alissa, Caleb and Cameron loved every second of it. Andrew was not so sure...
Who doesn't love a bouncy house? :)
Leah hung out with Dad the whole time.
What's got Leah's attention?
It's a dog! "Dohhhhhh"," dohhhhhh"," dohhhhhh" she kept saying. She loved it!
Food, family, friends, fun.... it was a really nice time!

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