Friday, October 9, 2009

fun age

Leah is doing so many new things! She's at the age where she observes everything and tries to copy what she sees. Alissa taught her to shake hands and say, "Nice to meet you". Except, of course, she can't really say those words so it just sounds like silly babbling. It makes us all laugh and then she just starts giggling. So cute!
She says "nigh nights" (more like.. na na ) when she wants to go to bed. If I give her a brush she tries to brush her hair. When I lie her down to change her she says, "bapa" for diaper. She claps and sings and laughs and even tries to say "amen" at the end of a prayer. (or in the middle of it if the pray-er is long winded!)

Since this so happens to be a very trying age when it comes to needing constant supervision, I'm glad there are so many things to enjoy right now.
With the older kids I was anxious for them to get to the "next" stage. Now I see how quickly time passes and I am appreciating every bit of Leah's stage right now. I know it won't be long before these days will seem like so long ago.


ajnrileysmommy said...

awwww...she is such a little doll!
(aj says "what a little bobolo!")
miss you guys!

melanie said...

what a sweetie pie :)

Mary Cunningham said...

great pose Leah! :) shes growing so much!