Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Today Caleb celebrated his 8th birthday! He had requested Toaster Scrambles for breakfast- a treat reserved for only special occasions :)
(Notice the dirt on his elbows? Well, his knees match. He and his brothers and Alissa had a rough and rowdy game of tackle football outside before breakfast!)

He opened his gifts after breakfast. Mostly because the other kids couldn't wait!

Lunch was English muffin pizzas that we ate out on the deck.

Brianna decorated this cake which we had after dinner.

Caleb (or Leb as his closest friends call him!) is a super sweet boy. Our prayer for him is that he will love God with all his heart, soul and mind and that he learns to love God's Word. There are so many things to be said about our son but I'll just speak for our whole family when I say we all love Caleb!


Susanna said...

Happy birthday, Caleb! You have been blessed with a WONDERFUL family!

Mary Cunningham said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! :) what a cool cake! cant believe Bri made it! What a big pile of pizzas:) Looks like a wonderful day