Tuesday, October 20, 2009

mom- day 1

Mom arrived at 1:47pm on Monday. We had been looking forward to this day since July when she got her ticket! Due to the sickness in the home, only Alissa and Leah came with us to the airport to pick her up. Alissa stood by the arrival gate waiting to get a glimpse of her. Matt and I couldn't see the Mom coming from where we were, but Alissa's actions let us know. She was so excited!

Mom jumped right in to her role as Nanny. Here she is tracing a picture of a 2010 Ferrari for Andrew to color.

She passed out gifts for everyone...

Helped Alissa do a really neat craft...

gave a whole bunch of hugs, listened intently to every story the kids told her, and basically was just all we wanted her to be and much more.
I enjoyed staying up visiting with her and look forward to enjoying every day that she is here. :)

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ajnrileysmommy said...

she really is the best mother and grandmother in the whole entire world. i am not just saying that, and we obviously agree :) hope you have a great rest of your visit!