Friday, October 23, 2009

mom- day 4

Thursday was back to the doctors for Leah's one year appointment. Mom came along and then took Caleb out for lunch (celebrating his birthday. the tradition is that Nanny and Grandpops take the birthday grandchild out for breakfast on their birthday, but since Grandpops wasn't here, we improvised!).
Thursday afternoon Brianna and Cameron had their soccer games. It was another beautiful day! Mom cheered the kids on from the bleachers trying to get some excitement to spread to the other spectators ;)

Mom treated to pizza in between the kids soccer games and Caleb's soccer practice. It was such a treat!

After supper we went to Caleb's practice.

We came home and watched a movie and then the kids went to bed. When it was all quiet Mom and I squeezed in one more visit!

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melanie said...

great pictures!! looks like so much fun!!! :)