Monday, November 2, 2009


Today was my birthday. I can hardly believe that I am almost 30! ;) My family made me feel so special today.
Brianna made me a beautiful cake.

It took Matt and Alissa so long to light that many candles that they were only about an inch high by the time I had to blow them out!
It sounds corny to say that I feel really blessed today..... but I do. My family, my friends, my God- I am blessed beyond what I deserve!


Susanna said...

Happy Birthday, friend! I'm glad you enjoyed your special day. I was thinking of you! Love the photos - you look great!!

Mary Cunningham said...

awe erika! what a fun birthday you had! seriously - i have not looked at these pictures in forever...! I feel like part of the gang now that i have caught up:)