Saturday, November 14, 2009

home blessing

It was about 6 or 7 years ago that someone introduced me to Flylady
I needed a better way to organize my home and to keep it clean. Well, after several moves and a couple more kids, I stopped following the flylady program. I continued to use some of her principles and ideas but not enough to keep my house looking the way I would like it to. Well, I'm back. We are slowly easing our way back in to the flylady way.
She recommends that once a week you have a weekly "Home Blessing" hour. (She uses terms like "home blessing", "room rescue", "fling boogie" and other sayings- without using the word "CLEAN". I think it's supposed to make you feel like you're NOT cleaning :) ) Anyway, today we started our home blessing. I tried a different approach.
I made the kids into 3 different teams. Bri and Drew were Team 1, Alissa and Caleb Team 2 and poor Cameron was on his own on Team 3. First I came up with this schedule. (will need to be revised for next and learn)
Everyone did different rotations including 15 minutes on the computer. (originally it was going to be Backyard Football - each one picking up where the other left off. They mostly did that, but Brianna opted for her own computer time) It worked amazingly! And I got the floors washed, laundry soap made, cookies made and other pick up done.
Even Leah got the spirit!

I was so surprised to hear Caleb say that he wanted to do it every day. It won't be every day but I do plan to make a few changes (one change will be LESS time. Everyone worked quickly and efficiently knowing that they were only going to be working for 15 minutes at that particular job) and try to do it every Saturday. It was so nice to have a clean looking and smelling house before lunch today :)

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