Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas in Philly

This Christmas was very different than most as far as family goes. We usually try to all get together but this year was especially challenging. With us being in Virginia and Melanie and Chad spending Christmas in Florida and with Ron and Bobbi's work schedule it was about impossible to make it work. It took a lot of thought and hard work but... it happened! We all met at Ron and Bobbi's for a quick Christmas celebration.

Dad read the Christmas story before it was time to open gifts.

I love that my family is as close as we are (in heart- not location unfortunately). I am also glad that God has given us each other and given us a special love for each other that makes it possible for us to be willing to make time together a priority. A big thanks to Ron and Bobbi for hosting 16 extra people and making us all feel appreciated and loved. Thanks guys!

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Mary Cunningham said...

amen for a family that loves Jesus! Thanks for all the great pics Erika:) I have been lax on looking at your blog...but def. love it and feel i am right at home every time i'm checking it out:)