Wednesday, January 27, 2010


While Brianna and I were in the house making supper, Matt and 4 of the kids were outside playing football! They were having such a good time. Leah (who loves to wear her hat from Auntie Mel-all the time) was watching from the window. It is weird to have as much sunshine and warm weather as we do in JANUARY. January to me has always been synonymous with white, gray, cold.... Not that I mind all that. I love New England weather! But I do have to admit it has been nice to let the kids go outside without always having to tuck their snow pants into their boots and (the worst because it's what brings them to the door to do over and over again) tucking their mittens into their coat sleeves! I'm just saying it's easier to send them outside and it's okay if they only go out for 10 minutes (since it didn't take 15 just to get them ready to go out! ) .
I hear there may be snow in the forecast for this weekend though. Don't tell anyone, but I'd love that :)

like father like son....


AJ said...

love the video :) love YOU

ajnrileysmommy said...

oops, i guess i was signed in under aj's name and not mine! :) i'm sure he loves you too!

melanie said...

fun pictures and fun video!! :)
love little leah standing there with her hat :)

love you guys!!!!! and MISS YOUU!!