Saturday, January 30, 2010

lazy day

I do not remember the last time I've had a day like today. Really! It might have been years. It was SUCH a relaxing day. I think it may have been a gift from God to me since I have been anything BUT relaxed lately.
I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning so splurged and read a book until 12:30 last night. But, I'm not really a sleep-in type of person so I was up a little bit after 6:00. I had some sweet time with Jesus (there's no one better to enjoy my coffee with!) and even reviewed some of my memory verses. I prayed for my family and for some friends that God brought to mind.
My boys got up soon after that and they did their Quiet Time.

I had gotten Mary Poppins from the library and we watched that with breakfast! Such a fun movie. I know all the songs by heart since Rachelle and I used to listen to a record of them when we were little girls. (Remember, Shell?!)

I did some school stuff, talked with the kids and Matt, played the piano, AND TOOK A TWO HOUR NAP!! I woke up (never having intended to sleep that long) and thought of the verse in Psalms that says that God gives His beloved sleep. I felt like one very spoiled "beloved"!

Matt took his lap top down to the table and he did a little bit of work and then did some chess stuff on the computer with the boys.
We were SO blessed at Christmas time by some sweet friends who gave us a Wii! We save it for special occasions and I decided it was one. Since the youth event Bri and Cam were supposed to go to and the chess tournament Matt, Drew, Ali and Caleb were planning on going to were all canceled- I let them play today. It helped ease their disappointment over their canceled plans. They were more than a little excited! Even Bri enjoys playing!

Leah spent the day exploring and making us all laugh. Alissa put her in this goldfish box.

She also would go to the door and ask for snow. She wanted to eat it! Alissa finally just gave her a plateful.

Alissa got herself a bowl and ate hers with juice poured over it. Yummy slushy!At one point I realized Leah was out of sight so I went looking for her. She had climbed onto the piano bench and was playing the piano! (That was after Brianna painted her nails) :)

She cracked us up by putting Caleb's shoes on and walking around for quite a long time that way. She also loves her baby and loves to hug and sing to her. (Or put her to her ear and say "hello"- like the doll is a phone?)

When she starts to hum Jesus Loves Me, we know she wants to go to bed. So Matt took her upstairs, sang to her and she was happy to go right to bed and to sleep.

I am so thankful to God for today. For those who have been praying for me- thank you! Today was a refreshing day and I feel rested and renewed.

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Susanna said...

Leah looks likes she's at a really fun age! I thanked God today on your behalf that He gave you this special day. I wish we had some of your snow! We still have some on the ground, but I'm ready for some fresh stuff. :)