Monday, January 18, 2010

TEN years old!

It is hard to believe that our little Alissa is 10 years old!
All of our children are special and Alissa is no exception. Alissa came into our family though at a time that was very painful for us and it felt like she was a gift straight from God right into Matt's and my arms. When Alissa was born it had been a few days short of 1 year since we lost our son Devan at birth. When I found out I was pregnant with Alissa, God led us to a wonderful Christian doctor who was just what we needed! I had a lot of anxiety during my pregnancy, fearful that I would lose the baby. Dr.B reminded me at many appointments of Psalm 115:3 "But our God is in the heavens, He does whatever He pleases." That was meant to remind me that no matter what things looked like from a medical standpoint, it was GOD who determined the outcome. He is the giver and taker of life and my trust and hope needed to be in Him.
Well, it pleased God to bring baby Alissa into the world safely 3 weeks early! She was a little thing at only 5 lbs, 5 ozs. We fell in love with her immediately. And today she is a precious, sweet, smiley and sensitive girl who loves God and loves her family. She makes us laugh and adds joy to our home in a way that is uniquely Alissa.
We thank God for her and for her life!

Brianna made Alissa's cake...

...and shared the batter with Leah :)Alissa loved her gift from her brothers.

Matt and I took her out for lunch and had a great time and a delicious meal.


ajnrileysmommy said...

a beautiful gift to ALL of us!!! we love you ali!!!!


melanie said...

can't believe she is 10! she definitely is a beautiful gift to all of us.

awesome job on the cake bri!! :)