Saturday, February 27, 2010

leah's nursery

Leah has a nursery. Rumor has it she owns it. Every Sunday she loves to run right into the church nursery, smile and say hi to the nursery workers and then run right to the door that takes her to the slide. It doesn't matter that the slide is on the other side of the door where the bigger kids go. (She covered that problem when she smiled at the nursery worker!) She has most of the workers completely charmed and they pretty much spoil our little baby rotten! (I love them for that!)
We won't be at church tomorrow since Matt is speaking at a different church in the morning. So, since there was a spaghetti dinner and dessert auction at church tonight, and since Bri and Cam were serving at it- we all went. And Leah got to go into her nursery- the one for big kids :)

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melanie said...

that little stinker :) so glad she loves nursery! what a fun slide. and i'm glad they are spoiling her! since i cant!!

that dinner sounds great!!