Thursday, February 4, 2010

my 6 waterpots

I was doing my Quiet Time this morning and before I opened my Bible I was praying. I was telling God that I was a bit overwhelmed at the task before me. I often have doubts about my abilities and wonder if I am failing. After asking Him to encourage me and help me as I make decisions during my day today, I opened my Bible. I began reading in John 2. This passage is about Jesus' first recorded miracle-turning water into wine. I read vs 1-12 and stopped. I felt like God had a message for me in there!
Jesus told the servants to fill the water pots with water. They did- in fact they filled them to the brim. That's all they did. They obeyed Jesus and did only what they were capable of doing. Filling them with water. What did Jesus do? He turned the water into something of great worth. Something that was needed at that wedding feast. He turned it into wine! I looked back at the verses. I am like the servants. Jesus asks me to do only what I can do. No more. It is up to Him to take my obedience and make more of it. He has asked me to pour into my kids. Wholeheartedly- "to the brim" as it says in verse 7. Can I do any more? Can I take my efforts and make them any more valuable than "water"? No! But Jesus can! When I realized that in this story I am the servant, I figured that the kids were the water pots. I thought it was pretty cool when I read in vs.6 "Now there were 6 stone water pots...." That would be my kiddos! 6 of them.
I had to thank God for giving me that picture and reminder that He is only asking me to do what I CAN do. He is responsible for the results. Oh how I love Him!