Saturday, February 6, 2010

pizza party

It's another snowy Saturday here in Virginia. Sheer beauty! Beef stew in the crockpot and I'll be making some bread to go with it for supper. Nothing like the sight of snow falling and the smell of bread baking. I love it!

Alissa said today, "It's another joyful day!". That coming from a girl who hasn't always felt the joy since this move. She's a precious girl but she has felt the separation of friends, family and the familiar. I am so glad that she is feeling joy now!

One thing that has added to our joy is our good friends Mike and Pam. They "joy-fulled" up our day today for sure! They gave us a little pizza party! They braved the snow and came over here with 5 delicious pizzas from Dominoes. Oh so good! And the cupcakes they brought with them??!! DeLISH. And in case the kids got bored on a day like today they brought some good old fashioned cartoons for the kids to watch on DVD. Ones like Casper, Tom and Jerry, Felix the Cat and more. When they left Matt said, "they are some of the nicest people I have ever met!". It's true. They are.

We thank God for Mike and Pam and are so glad for the good memories we made today!

Leah loved "Pammie's" shoes and purse- so cute :)


melanie said...

so much fun!! "another joyful day", i like that!! :) so glad for this blessing today for you guys- on another snowy day for you all! pizza and cupcakes- yum!!!
leah's cute with that bag and in those boots :)

taffie said...

Looks like some good pizza pie and Leah is a real cutie pie! I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends down there! Luv, Mom