Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy birthday matt!

Today is Matt's birthday. A holiday as far as we are concerned. The kids and I planned his day in advance and were all so excited about it! I told him at the beginning of the week that he needed to set aside a couple of hours around lunch time because we would be taking him away.
Back in his highschool and college days Matt was a tennis player. It's been so long since he played, the kids didn't even know he knew how. (Except for the little boys who still think he knows everything : ) )
SO, we got him 2 tennis rackets for his birthday and a can of tennis balls. (2 because of course he can't play tennis by himself!) Then yesterday we went to a thrift store where we bought 4 tennis rackets for $1.00. The excitement was mounting.
We packed the car when Matt wasn't looking and at 11:00 headed to the park.
Matt opened his present and was so happy! He totally wasn't expecting that. Then we all went to the tennis courts and had a blast. Almost everyone said that tennis is their new favorite sport and Matt- he had the best time of all!

driving from one side of the park to the other- not on the road ;)

After working up quite the appetite, we went to the pavilion and made some burgers. Everyone was so hungry that even with all these the kids were asking for more!

After lunch we hiked down a trail that led to some water.

Somehow I managed to spot this snake hiding out in a tree trunk. Yuck.....

Matt and the luckiest kids in the world.

Happy Birthday Matt!!!


melanie said...

fun!!! sounds like a great day for everyone. and great pictures!! :)

glad no one sat on that tree stump!! ewww!!!!

love you!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

looove everything!!! love that matt was wearing leah - so cute :) and you look terribly thin. eat something, would you???

Susanna said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! I didn't realize he was a March b-day too (Dan's was March 5.) You made such a special day for him - I'm sure he loved it! We're looking forward to playing tennis soon, too.

taffie said...

Happy birthday to my wonderful son. Your name means 'gift of Jehovah', and you certainly are the best gift God ever gave me (apart from the gift of His Son). It's a joy and a blessing to by your mom. Love the pics!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! No greater gift than to be surrounded by his precious children and his sweet bride!

Kim said...

OH, and I am glad you guys made it down to the water ;) Things are much prettier when they are in full bloom, so we'll have to do it again!