Saturday, March 13, 2010


Iditarod 2010. It's here! This is the fourth or fifth year that our family has followed "The Last Great Race". We each pick 1 rookie and 2 veterans that we track, with the hope that "ours" will be the winner!
We have way too much fun doing it. It is not in the least bit unusual during these days to see a kid stumble down the stairs and before even saying Good Morning" asking to check the Iditarod. We keep the current standings up on the computer and refresh the page an obnoxious amount of times per hour.
I absolutely love Alaska- although I've never been there. I hope one day that I will make it there.
Sometimes at night I imagine the mushers as they are driving their teams of dogs through the stillness and quiet of the Alaskan night. I pray for one in particular that I know is a Christian that she will have some really special times with God. I imagine that there must be opportunity to really sense His presence. Sometimes I am even jealous of that. I DO sense God's presence throughout my days, but it's a bit harder to remember to acknowledge it since my days are anything BUT quiet!
That is the reason why my morning Quiet Time is so important to me. Just me, God, and my coffee. I love that time and guard it jealously!

Here are our picks:
Jeff King
Martin Buser
Rookie-Hank Debruin
Brianna (who could care less but humors us anyway!):
Paul Gebhardt
Rookie- Celeste Davis
Sebastian Schneulle
Dallas Seavey
Rookie- Quinn Iten
Jessie Royer
Mitch Seavey
Rookie- Kristy Berington
Lance Mackey
Rick Swenson
Rookie- Michael Williams, Jr.
Jeff King
Ken Anderson
Rookie- Newton Marshall

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