Sunday, March 7, 2010

state park

Today was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. After church today we went to a state park that we had never been to before. It was wonderful! I loved every second of it! I enjoyed being a part of the 7,000+ acres and just couldn't get enough of it. I LOVE the woods!
We found a spot where there was a field surrounded by woods. It was perfect for Leah. Her new word is "outside" which sounds more like dah-dide. She had plenty of dah-dide today! (Did I mention that she is in her crib sleeping SOUNDLY right now?!)

Alissa said it reminded her of John and John (Only her best friend and some close family will understand that) and I thought it reminded me of NH. I felt so renewed and refreshed!
Bri got in plenty of soccer practice!

Leah throwing the ball to Drewie...

What do you think of this, dad? :)

(Sorry for the blurry pictures- My camera has a lens problem.)


melanie said...

sounds wonderful!! so fun!!
and that last picture, i think dad would ask you if they were warm! to know if they were fresh or not ;)

taffie said...

Wow, that's a large park! Reminds me of the park we went to when I visited. We've had great weather in NH too!

Anonymous said...

They would only be warm after they went in the chocolate chip muffins for 1 minute in the microwave!--dad