Thursday, April 22, 2010

day to refresh

I needed it, we all needed it. A day to relax, refresh, and renew. I decided last night that we'd take it. After breakfast, family devotions, and chores we headed to the state park. It was a beautiful day! One of the reasons I love homeschooling is because we can go to a place that may be crowded after school or on the weekends and we can get it all to ourselves! YES!I packed a very light lunch.

Leah had the best time all by herself. She wandered around and would say things like "tweet tweet", "stick", "rock", "bug". And our family favorite saying of hers "where are ye"? Which is supposed to be "where are you" but apparently she likes King James better ;) Anyway, after a bird would fly away she would walk around saying that. She seemed so content.

Alissa, Caleb, and Andrew played that they were a family who lived in the woods.

Alissa worked for quite some time on her fire and camp. (She does have John and John experience she said.....)

Brianna and Cameron played soccer the whole time. Too bad it is going to result in a trip to the orthodontist tomorrow. Brianna has a pretty good foot and the ball hit Cameron's face pretty hard. A loose wire is never a good thing!

I really hated to leave but was so thankful for the time, the space, and the appreciation for God's creation!


melanie said...

SO glad you had this refreshing time in your day, it looks wonderful. i love all these pictures. i miss all those kids so much :( i laughed out loud with leah saying where are ye?! and her preferring the kjv,:) hahaha. adorable!!

miss you and love you!

Mary Cunningham said...

yay! I am so glad you got a day to relax with your amazing family too! :) I totally know the feeling cause i just did that myself today. That was cute Erika - about Leah and her KJV! haha
Still missing you guys!