Wednesday, May 26, 2010

soccer season ends

The 2009-2010 Lady Patriots soccer season is over. It was a great season in so many ways. Brianna was the youngest on the team and it was her first year ever playing on a competitve soccer team. She absolutely loved it!

At the end of year picnic, Brianna was given the "Clutch Kick" award for a goal she scored in a very tight game. Her goal gave her team the edge they needed and they ended up winning!

These are just a few of her soccer buddies- out of uniform.

Quick team photo taken by a mom just before a game. Sorry we can't see your face, Coach. But thank you for teaching the girls the things you thought were most important- the 4 "H"s:
You were a great role model for the team!

Our whole family enjoyed this soccer season and are all thankful that Brianna got a chance to be on this team. We are proud of you, Bri!


ajnrileysmommy said...

and WE are so proud too BRI!!!!! love you guys so much.

melanie said...

so are WE!!! :) love you all!!!

taffie said...

Congrats Bri on completing the season, the playoffs, and winning the medal ! So proud of you.