Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CYIA update

CYIA 2010 is in progress! I took a break from the action and drove home to do some laundry and gather a few odds and ends I had forgotten to pack. With record breaking temperatures this week it has been/will be a week to stay indoors as much as possible. That has been a bit difficult for me as "indoors" for 4 of the kids and myself has been a motel room! We did take a long walk yesterday morning though. It is very pretty in Spring Grove, VA and we enjoyed walking to where we got a great view of the James River.

Leah looked at the grass and bugs for a good 10 minutes. Apparently something about it was fascinating to her.

Matt headed to teach a class:

Thankfully the pool is open for about an hour and a half each day. We are taking advantage of that. The only problem is, the water is so warm it hardly cools you off!

Poor Drew scraped up his feet on the bottom of the pool.

This is where Matt and I, Alissa, Caleb, Drewie, and Leah are staying. (Not the whole place- just one room!)
Here is the view from the deck.

Bri and a couple of CYIAers from our area hanging out in the dining hall before class starts.Cameron playing ping pong before class starts.

Brianna's dormCameron's cabin

What the kids refer to as "upstairs" in our room. The only place to play a game that is safe from Leah!Matt has been busy teaching TCE1. He has to teach and do evaluations as well. Brianna and Cameron are going through classes and study halls all day. They have a couple of 15 minute breaks, meal breaks and a one and a half hour recreation break. Believe me, they need it! They are doing so well- I am very proud of them both. Graduation is Saturday morning and then they jump right into teaching 3 clubs a day starting the following Monday. Please keep them in prayer!


taffie said...

Love all the pics. Looks like everyone is having fun. Love and miss all of you!

melanie said...

i love all these pictures!!

and that pool looks so refreshing and wonderful right now!!!

miss you all.