Saturday, June 5, 2010

family soccer

Last night after dinner and cleanup we all went to the park to play some soccer. It was so stinkin' hot, but we decided to go anyway! I didn't play, I just walked around with Leah as she called to the ducks. She loved them! They got really close too and at one point it looked like she and a duck were having a conversation. Too cute.
We had the place to ourselves so that was nice.I love my family!

The more humid it is, the more Leah's hair curls. The humidity was incredibly high last night.


Susanna said...

I think Happy Anniversary, right? :) Leah's curls are so cute. Abigail has tight ringlets today too! And I'm with you on just watching the soccer - the hotter it gets the less I move. Have a great day!

ajnrileysmommy said...

so cute! missing you.

melanie said...

looks like so much fun!! the pictures of leah and the ducks are so cute!! :)