Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We were invited by some friends to go with them to a nearby military base to watch fireworks. It was the best 4th of July experience we'd ever had! It was all so patriotic and even while the fireworks were going off, at one point I could hear the Army band playing "I'm Proud to be an American" and other songs like that.
The fireworks were preceded by several blasts of cannons and that was far louder than the fireworks themselves! Leah was scared a bit and during the cannon fire asked for "Cam". He gladly protected her :) During the fireworks she sat in my lap, closed her eyes tightly the entire time and even hummed "Jesus Loves Me" during part of it. When it was all over and we were driving home, she kept saying "fireworks. BOOM" over and over. So, I think that even though she was a little scared, she was happy to be a part of it all.
I was happy to be able to think about our country and the fact that even though I believe as a country we are making some very bad choices, I am grateful for our history and for the freedome we experience today. And, I am thankful for all our military and all they do and sacrifice to help protect our country.

We saw the best display of fireworks that we had ever seen.