Friday, July 2, 2010

club update

Today is the last day of the first week of 5-Day Clubs. Although this is Brianna's 3rd year teaching this is Cameron's first year. Bri reports that he is doing very well. The kids have come home exhausted at the end of each day but very encouarged.

Brianna led 3 kids to the Lord this week- one of them was older than her! There was a 16 year old girl that was hanging out at one of the spots they were doing club and she listened as Brianna told the Bible story. Bri weaved the gospel throughout the story and at the end of the lesson, the girl wanted to talk with Bri. She has had a rough life and was excited to hear about Jesus and what He offers her. It was exciting to hear that she prayed to receive Christ!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Bri!! Glad to hear the good news.Keep up the good work!

taffie said...

That's wonderful. The Lord is blessing your faithfulness. So proud of Bri and Cam for giving their time to the Lord.