Saturday, July 9, 2011

upward basketball camp and 3-Day Club

This week (Wed-Sat) was Upward Basketball Camp at our church. There were 58 kids in attendance. Brianna, Cameron and another girl made up a team that was able to do a revised 5-Day Club with all the kids. It worked out so great! 8 kids responded to the gospel and 2 kids came forward to say they wanted to be missionaries. It was super encouraging!

Matt coached a team and Cameron was his assistant. It was fun for all :)


melanie said...

great pictures! how awesome to see brianna and cameron like that. serving God and telling others about Him! so encouraging. awesome job raising them sis!! keep up the good work!!

taffie said...

Love the pics! Thanks for the updates; it's nice to follow what everyone's doing this summer. Miss u all !