Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sunday at the bay

Sunday morning. Caleb had a breakfast sandwich to start his day off-he was pretty happy about it too!

walking to church... My parents taught us early on that being on vacation wasn't an excuse to not go to church!

I had given Micah a bath Sunday morning and somehow some baby bath got on the lens of my camera so this picture is blurry. I posted it anyway because I loved that we all piled in to the Tabernacle at the Bay and how happy all the kids were to be sitting together at church. Who forgot all their Sunday clothes at home on their bed in Virginia?? Oh- that would be me. Thankfully God looks at our heart- not just at what we are wearing :)

Sis and bro-in-law.

Melanie, Callen, Leah, Micah and I only stayed for part of the service. When the little ones started to get restless we took them out and walked around for the rest of the time.

After lunch we went to the water.

juggling a soccer ball on the dock

Leah is so loving the water. Even when she is shivering and her lips are purple she is not cold she says!

Auntie Shell and Leah

Out for a walk with Callen and Mel

We are all having a great time here together!


Kari said...

Such fun!

Love seeing the photos here and on your sister's blog!

Keep an eye out for Irene...seems she may not visit Virginia much in favor of more northern destinations.

melanie said...

love that we're all together!!