Friday, September 9, 2011


adorable nephew Callen :)

 our cottage was the yellow one, the Chase/Townsend/Wampler cottage was the green one.  perfect.
(it's gonna be that way in heaven too. we'll all live

 Early Bird! 
 I wish Chad could have been in the picture.  On the last night we were there it was pretty chilly.  As a kind of last-hoorah Cameron, Matt and Chad went down to the beach, swam out to the dock, jumped off a bunch of times and then came back to the cottages-without towels to dry off/warm up with!  They were FREEZING!  Pretty crazy if you ask me!
Lucky for them, our cottage had a gas fireplace.  And, being the nice wife and mother that I am, I turned it on as soon as they left to go to the water so it would be nice and toasty when they got back :)
I'm pretty sure that Cameron was shivering in that picture!

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ajnrileysmommy said...

oh we are soo gonna have houses together in heaven!! :)

but...they will NOT need to be cleaned!!