Wednesday, November 9, 2011

L and B

This little girl is a little bucket of sunshine in our home.  She is a smart little cookie too and doesn't miss a thing!  Here are some of the things I've heard her say recently:

  • Mom, can I please go in the boys' room?  I won't cause stripe (strife)!
  • Grandpops isn't at his home.  He's in Africa.  (Said with a sad face- and Grandpops is NOT in Africa!)
  • I used to be 1 but now I'm 18 and I can go do that.  (after I told her it was too dangerous for little kids to do a particular thing)
  • Here is my problem.  I can't have a popsicle because Mom said I can't have a popsicle.  That is my problem.
  • I don't need to hold anyone's hand anymore because I am a big girl now!
  • Micah, you need to try to get a haircut.  (I guess I  better watch her with the scissors!)
  • Daddy, I've been looking for you ALL OVER THE PLACE!  (said to Matt as she hugged him when he came in from outside)

And one more thing.  Brianna.  Here are a couple things she's said  that cracked me up!
We were all sitting on the couches watching the last of the Patriots game.  The Pats were up by 4 and the Giants had the ball.  With less than a minute in the game, Eli Manning threw a touchdown pass.  Brianna looked at all of us and yelled out "Control Z"!


"I am an only child- except for my brothers and sisters".  Yup.  If you know her, you know just what I am talking about ;)


melanie said...

i loved every single thing about this post! :)

ajnrileysmommy said...

haha...loved all of these. especially the stripe story, and the control z~
funny girls!