Sunday, November 20, 2011

the national gallery of art

Cameron's CC class went on a field trip to the Natioanl Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.  Micah and I went too and the whole group rode up in our bus van.  We left our house at 8:25am and got home at 10:15pm.  Long. day. Especially considering that I held Micah in the sling the whole time we were not driving!  I am SORE today!   It was a nice day though.  They were a great group of kids.  I was very impressed. 
Cameron has been studying art in class and has an oral presentation due in a couple of weeks so this visit was really helpful.  The pictures are in random order :)

 Billy, Ben, Holly, Cameron, Sean and Aubrey

The second tour we took- art through the ages.
 Thomas Cole

 Van Gogh
 The really cool group of kids :)

 Cameron giving my back a quick break


ajnrileysmommy said... know what i mean by that?? how do you type whistling?

melanie said...

great pictures!! whoui whou??? :)