Friday, December 2, 2011

Aunt Sandy

Aunt Sandy.
That's who she was to so many people....including me.  If you are my friend and I brought you to church, you would see her and she would say "I am Aunt Sandy.  I am so glad you're here!" and she would give you a big hug.  She was known for her hugs and her love.  That's why it wasn't hard at all for me to catch this picture taken last year.  
Aunt Sandy is with Jesus now.  We went home to NH to see her and it worked out that we were able to see her on Tuesday- the day before she went home.  She hugged all of us.  I loved her so much and am really going to miss her.  We weren't the only ones who drove long distances to say our goodbyes.  She loved children so much and invested in their lives.  That's why all the children who are grown like me wanted to be near her in the end.  I am thankful for her and for how she invested in my life.  I want to leave a legacy like she did.