Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas day

Christmas day.... 
One tradition that has been passed on from my parents is that mom and dad get breakfast in bed on Christmas morning.  When Brianna was younger we used to get cereal and toast for breakfast.  This year?  Bacon, eggs, blueberry muffins, coffee and orange juice made fresh in the juicer!  We got the knock on our door at about 7:30- all the kids with our breakfast.  Then, after they brought it to us, they took Micah and all went downstairs while we got to eat our breakfast!

After breakfast we went downstairs and Matt read the Christmas story.

 After opening gifts, we all got ready to go to church.  Alissa said that it seemed just "right" that we would go to church on Jesus'  birthday.
 After church we relaxed and enjoyed the day and each other.

Well, maybe not totally relaxed.  Matt and the boys went outside to play football and Drewie came in with this bump on his head.  Apparently Matt threw him a long pass and he went running to get it.  He should have watched where he wa running because he ran right into a tree!  We skyped my family later on in the day and Grandpops and Uncle Adam both asked the all important question: Did he make the catch?  Answer: Yes! :)

Happy Birthday Jesus!