Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sky Angel

Our family really enjoys Sky Angel.  We have had that for our television since the days it required a satellite dish- it has come a long way!  Sometimes it is just entertainment for us, but many times it has been a huge source of encouragement or challenge.  Some recent examples?

We wanted to watch a Christmas movie the other night as a family and we found The Perfect Gift.  Our whole family enjoyed it and it really put our focus where it should be this season- on Jesus.

The kids were in bed one night and Matt and I decided to watch a 15 minute program where we were introduced to Passion to Action.  Matt was so challenged by it and the next morning before he and Brianna and Cameron left to help out with a Before School Good News Club, he showed it to them.  It is so good to be reminded that life is not all about us and remember that God wants us to be His hands, feet and heart to others who are hurting.

So many kids Christmas specials are all about Santa and gift giving so it was great to find Spunky's First Christmas for Leah where it all points to Jesus.

A real favorite of mine though, is Frank Turek, author of I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest.  Last night Matt had to work late.  Bri, Cam and I stayed up watching Frank Turek defend our faith.  When the show was over, Brianna and Cameron were discussing some of his points and adding their own thoughts.  Cam was talking to Brianna about some of his own ideas based on what he had just seen and also what he had been learning in Biology.  In the middle of their conversation, he looked at me apologetically and said, "Sorry Mom.  Do you know what (he said some word that they were talking about) is?  I'm not trying to talk over your head."  Well, ummm.... he was ;)  Anyway, I think that sort of reinforcement is priceless when it comes to preparation for the real world.

Sometimes when I don't really want Leah just sitting in front of the tv watching a show, I put on the Donut Man or Colby's Clubhouse- both older shows that are basically kids singing praise songs.  Can't really go wrong with that!

I exercise in the mornings with Faithful Workouts.  A great way to start my day- if I think pain is a great way to start my day :)

There are some great family documentaries with Franklin Springs Family Hour  (sometimes a little over the top, but sometimes just fun and informative) and when we all want a good laugh?  Tim Hawkins!

When I need help with school? Drive Thru History is there for me!

We don't watch TV during the day but I do put on one of the many Christian radio stations that comes with SkyAngel.  Love to hear Christian music played throughout the day!

Maybe watching no TV is a better choice, but since we do watch tv, I am thankful for good things that are helping our family to grow.

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