Thursday, January 26, 2012

daddy says

It's not over yet.  Sickness has been living in our house since November-ugh!  Leah has had a cough for 2 weeks or more.  It got gradually worse until I finally took her to the doctor.  Asthma makes me nervous and it's no fun sitting up with a little girl in the middle of the night just watching her breathe, making sure she can get enough air.  The doctor diagnosed her with bronchitis and possible pneumonia.  Poor little thing. :(
The morning after she went to the doctor, when she got up and came downstairs, I asked her how she was feeling.  She looked as serious and grown up as can be and said, "Daddy says I'm feeling much better".  
I thought about that.  A lot.  Seems like she really trusts her daddy.  Seems like she trusts what he says about her more than she trusts her own assessment of the situation.  

A lesson for me?  I feel like God was teaching me something through my little girl.  Why listen to myself or my own feelings?  Why judge my situation on my own?  Instead, why don't I trust my Father?  What does He say?   
I think I know.
So, if you ask me, I will say to you what He says to me.

  • I am not feeling anxious about anything, because I have presented my requests with prayer and thanksgiving to God
  • I am feeling like a conqueror through Jesus
  • I am feeling total peace because He is my peace
  • I am feeling loved with an everlasting love
  • I am feeling confident that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it in me
Get the picture?  So, instead of assessing my situation based on my feelings, I will trust God's assessment and "feel much better".  :)


melanie said...

i love this. how perfect. what a great lesson and example. such a good reminder. awesome how God can use even a 3 year old to tell us and teach us something. praying for sweet leah to be better soon.

Reagan said...

Wow! That's a HUGE lesson! You my friend, are a champion. Love and hugs from our bunch to yours!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

poor baby, and awesome analogy!