Saturday, January 7, 2012


The Upward basketball and cheerleading season started today- lots of excitement!   
 Here is Coach Bri and cheerleader Alissa.

Assistant Coach Cam had to step it up to Coach today since Coach Matt was away teaching at a Children's Ministry Conference.  Cameron was a great encourager and did a super job as coach.

 The Celtics (our team obviously!) vs. the Heat.
 Micah missed his morning nap so he dozed for a few minutes in my arms.

 Leah was a little bored until...
 she found that her very best friends were there!!  She loves her Phoebe and Ruby girls :)

I didn't get good pictures of the game- I think I need to adjust the setting on my camera for action shots.  My absolute favorite part was watching when Caleb and Drew played at the same time.  They instinctively knew where the other was and neither of them missed a pass from each other.  It was so cool to see them play like that!

Matt had an incredible time at the Children's Ministry Conference he was a part of. I think he said there were close to 100 people there. He came home so encouraged and felt like the day was a huge success.  Praise God for that!


ajnrileysmommy said...

love all of these pictures!!! so cute!

taffie said...

I love Alissa's cheerleading outfit, so cute! And great pic of Leah with her girlfriends! Looks like a fun day.

melanie said...

i lovvve these pictures!!!!!

Susanna said...

Our church has Upward too! Calvin's playing, and Dan's coaching.