Tuesday, February 14, 2012

family logistics

When I was a new mom, people would ask me what I did all day at home.  These days, people just don't ask!  (They more often comment, "better you than me" or "you are crazy" or "I couldn't handle having my kids home with me all day")  Well, it does take a little doin', lots of experimenting to find out what works and what doesn't and a ton of prayer.  I still don't have it all down and there are some days when I just want to quit.  (I just haven't figured out who to turn my resignation in to!)  Anyway, here are some things that, at the moment, are working for us.
Our schedule.  And, before you think I am mean for having one let me tell you that when we don't have one, the kids are begging me to make one.  It is what keeps me just a tiny bit sane and allows me to accomplish a little bit each day.  I am very open minded to how it's "working" and change it as needed.  This one has been working pretty well for a couple of months now. (except that early bird is at 7:30- not 7:00)

 After early bird each morning we have breakfast and I read a short story at the table.  This is the book I am reading now.  It's a little young for the older ones but they never complain and I think they might like the excuse to sit a while longer before really starting the day!

This works....in theory.  If everyone would remember to use it it would save a lot of dishes!  The idea is that they put their cups on the circle with their name on it and use the same cup all day .  When they remember it works great!  Still working on this one....

Each of the kids have a piece of paper on a wall or door in their room that we use to write back and forth to each other.  

We use these a lot for our music time.  Alissa, Caleb, Andrew and Leah all have one.

My lifesaver right here.  Laundry makes me grumpy.  Not right, I know, but my mood tends to be very tied to how behind I am in laundry.  This little chart has been working for me since before Christmas and no one has been without clean underwear ever since!   We even get to add clean sheets to our life once in a while ;)

Recipes that I use often are put on the side of the fridge.  No more valuable minutes of searching before I find the recipe in my stack.

 When our day is more ordered and controlled, Matt's day is too!  (talk about motivation!)

I love this guy so much!

Occasionally Matt is the one that can make everything click in the mind of a little learner who is overwhelmed.

Brianna is an amazing teacher.  She is using her IEW experience to teach Caleb and Andrew how to write chapter summaries on the book I am reading to them before bed.

This is Leah during her toy time.  She picked her farm bin to play with today :)

The best way to get the kids to memorize is to write out the info and put it in the bathroom.  Honestly it really works!

Even the things that are the MOST important to memorize get memorized in the bathroom :)  (This copy is in the dining room but one child learned it when there was a copy in the bathroom)

This is the biggest challenge to a quiet and orderly day.  Especially when he is teething!  He is getting around using the army crawl.  He is pretty quick!  We have to make sure the floors are clean at all times.

Just a little peek at how things go in the Currier home.  I make so many mistakes and have days where I wish I could take back my bad attitude and harsh words.  My "plan" is by no means perfected.  I could easily prove that through pictures.... but I will not.  I do have my pride!  I am always learning and changing things that are clearly not working.  I need to work on my meal planning.  Cooking and anything food related is a huge stress right now.  It is my next project.  Then I'll tackle how to keep the kids' rooms clean and after that how to keep the bathroom clean- no easy task with all these boys!  One thing at a time....

Above all I am thankful for God's grace. I start each day before the kids get up with time with Him.  It is sweet and personal and just what I need to start my day off right.  Trust me, I need Him- I couldn't do it alone!


ajnrileysmommy said...

loved this! and loved the idea of the facts on the bathroom wall. i'm gonna start using that one!

Susanna said...

thanks for this peek into your day. Just put Prudence and the MIllers on hold at the library (our library system has all these books!) And we have Scripture hanging in the bathroom too. :) Whenever we end up in our permanent house I definitely want white boards up!!