Monday, February 6, 2012


 It was so nice today to visit with a really sweet family I recently met.  Holly goes to school with Cameron and I knew from the moment I met Holly's mom that I would love to be friends with her!  It was a real treat because she has boys and girls and all our kids had fun together today.  The kids got along so well and that made for some great visiting for the moms :)  Now, if only Micah was more cooperative.....  Once all those teeth come in and his poor gums get back to normal maybe he'll be a little easier.  At least he's cute! (Is it me or does he look a lot like Caleb??)

The big kids took the little kids to the clubhouse to play some ball.  They  little boys were okay with that as long as they could come back and finish their nerf hoop basketball game.  My boys could play basketball in their room ALL DAY LONG and they were thrilled that Holly's brothers were on board with the b-ball thing :)

 Brianna and Holly- they are exactly one month apart in age

 Miss you-know-who

 Caleb and Andrew were thrilled that Benjamin reminded them so much of their cousin Riley.  It made them happy and sad all at the same time.  Adorable little Bryce is missing from the pictures but he was a great playmate today too!

 Cameron and Victoria

 What a great day!

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ajnrileysmommy said...

love the one of micah :)
and leah...she is a trip! haha