Friday, April 27, 2012

micah and night time devos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Can anyone guess how Micah has been feeling?  Yup.  Miserable!  Poor boy had a high fever for 3 days and then broke out in this rash....all while cutting 2 molars!  
Thankfully he seems to be doing much better the last couple of days.

 When we are all home at night, we have our nighttime family devos.  You can tell it's the end of the day by the looks of some of us in the pictures!  We do some sword drills to start off (may I use this moment to say that I have actually beat the boys!  not often, but even once is an accomplishment if I do say so :), then we turn to the Proverb for the day and we go around and each read a verse until we've read the whole thing.  Everyone says which was their favorite one and then we have family prayer requests and prayer time.  This time is more informal than Early Bird and while we do a lot of praying for many people in the morning, the time before bed is just for family prayer requests.
I love this!
 This is our evening notebook.  Matt writes down all of the prayer requests so we can check off when they are answered.  However, on Matt's right is the chart where he keeps track of sword drill points!

 Matt reads one entry out of the blog book each night.  Poor Leah.  She is still waiting to be born- she doesn't come into the world until the middle of the book!
 Cameron helped out big time with Micah one night.

I know this is something that we'll all look back on as something really special and fun.


melanie said...

loved this post! poor micha :( i loved leahs little face during blog book time...waiting to be born:) great pictures! always love seeing them.

ajnrileysmommy said...

this was awesome!! oh, poor baby micah!! love everything you guys do with your kids. challenges me to do more!