Friday, June 22, 2012


CYIA has begun!  

Here is the cottage Matt and I are staying at with Caleb, Drew, Leah, and Micah.

Alissa's dorm.  She is doing so well!  The first night was incredibly hot and poor Alissa didn't get much sleep.  Last night was much better. If it wasn't cooler, at least she was so tired she went right to sleep!

the dining hall
Leah has been enjoying old issues of Country magazine.  :)

Matt always seems to be able to find a way to entertain children.  Here he is playing some football with staff kids.
The Tabernacle where most of the main sessions are held.
Still over a week left so more to come!

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Reagan said...

Ruby said, "That's my friend Leah right there!" Stay cool at camp!! Thank you the birthday card... we miss you so much.