Wednesday, June 6, 2012

first park experience

We arrived in MA late Thursday night.  It was quite a drive!  Washington D.C. and NYC were not kind to us.  We were happy to come in to a cozy, warm, inviting home.  On Friday the truck was unloaded.  On Saturday I got a library card.  (I am a nerd... I know) On Sunday we went to church and then a park.  Unfortunately we had only been at the park for about 5 minutes when a storm came.  We had to run to the car-the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning were impressive!

You can see a little of the storm clouds rolling in!

 yes....he needs a haircut
We promised Leah we'd try again on a sunnier day :)

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Tracy said...

You have been busy! Some libraries have tickets to Old Sturbridge Village ... you should check to see if yours is one of them. It is a really fun place to visit and with the changing seasons the village changes ... your kids would enjoy it!