Saturday, June 9, 2012

little sis

Now that we are in the north again, we are much closer to family.  We are three and a half hours from from Melanie and we decided today to make the most of it!  We did some research and found a park that was right in the middle of us.  We met there today.  The weather was a concern but thankfully the rain tapered off and we were left with a nice day. 

Micah did not know what to think of Callen at first.

 This made Auntie Erika a little nervous but she just had to trust that his daddy wouldn't let anything happen to him. ;)

Andrew took a spill off of his swing

Leah was perfectly comfortable on the playground making new friends.

 Not a good idea to play Tarzan using a weeping willow tree.  You just might really hurt your collar bone and shoulder and you may cause your aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, and cousins to pull a muscle laughing so hard.
I stopped taking pictures after a while and really enjoyed the time with Mel.  Matt, Chad, Cameron, Caleb, Alissa, and Andrew played kickball with Callen's orange ball.  It was an intense game!

It is so nice to know that if I need to see Melanie, I can.  It had been 7 months since we last saw each other, was time.  I loved every part of the day with them!


melanie said...

Love these pictures!! It was such a wonderful time. And i love that we are so close now for a day like this!! Xoxo

Reagan said...

Ruby told her daddy last night that she was going to move away with Leah. We miss you all!

So glad that you're close enough now to reach out and grab a sister!

ajnrileysmommy said...

love looking at all these pictures!!