Monday, October 29, 2012

waiting for sandy

We are doing our best to be prepared for the storm.  With limited funds and limited supplies, we resorted to some pretty nifty things.  Matt saved the day by making paper wicks to go in our crisco candles.  Buying crisco seemed more cost effective than buying candles!  My hero :)

We took the crisco from one of the containers and divided it into glass jars.  We tested it and it looks like it will work!

 Micah felt comforted by snuggling with his big sis.

 Caleb and Andrew begged to go outside to play some soccer.
 Cameron was watching from the window.

 Cam couldn't just watch- he had to join in- and the boys were thrilled!

We'll see what this afternoon holds....


Reagan said...

Crisco candles! I have never heard of that! Wish I had known before the weather hit! We still have power, fingers crossed.

ajnrileysmommy said...

crazy kids!! :)