Sunday, November 25, 2012

17 years is not a long time

17 years is not a long time.  It is actually quite short.  I have proof!  It was only yesterday that Brianna was born and she is trying to tell me that it was 17 years ago.  Crazy girl! 
 Really, though.... despite the   warnings from all the old ladies when Brianna was a baby that she would be out of the house before I knew it, I did not believe them at all.  At that point, each day sometimes seemed like years!  I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have been so discouraged about my lack of sleep, tying Brianna's shoes, getting her dressed, buckling her car seat, feeding her food, explaining why she had to eat her vegetables....  And I am certain I wouldn't have rushed her growing up.  Why was I so anxious to have her start on solid foods or get rid of her pacifier or have her start school?  I remember the days when I would just want a nap so I would have her lie down in my  bed with me while Cameron was sleeping in his crib.  She would not.stop.talking.  I would tell her to please be quiet it was time to rest.  I would tell her that if she talked again she would get in trouble.  Oh how I miss those days!  (not that she can't still talk ;)  Now she is seventeen, a senior in high school, heading to college in the fall, perfectly capable of running a household, takes care of babies like a pro, can cook anything to perfection, drives (a 15 passenger van!), and is one of my very best friends.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 17 year old I know!

 Thanks for the cake, Aunt Shell!

  Words can't say how proud we are of you and your love for the Lord and desire to please Him!

We love you Brianna~


melanie said...

Love these pictures. Cannot believe she's 17! She is beautiful inside and out.

ajnrileysmommy said...

so sweet. you have been a great example of how to raise a talkative, stubborn 2-year-old to become a talkative, godly leader!