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why it is reasonable to give your life to Christ

I love these guys so much!  I love that they are such great friends, too.  They make me laugh often and hard :)  

Cameron had to read three famous American sermons from the 1600s and 1700s this week. One each by John Winthrop, Cotton Mather, and George Whitefield.  After reading them he had to write an essay on why it is reasonable to give your  life to Christ.  Here is what he wrote.  

Cameron Currier  
Mrs. Krumrey   
29 November 2012
                                                  Accept or Reject

      What is the purpose of life? Is it to make money, pursue your desires, to help others? All of these things can only lead to temporary happiness. There must be something more- Someone greater. Could the meaning of life be to bring glory to Someone greater than anyone else, the glory that they deserve? This paper will assert an opinion on why it is logical and smart to give your life to Christ, and ultimately, find the purpose of life.

      People often want to live a life full of meaning, and purpose. They look for it in places where it cannot be found. However, Jesus explains in the Bible that He is the Way the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6) If a person knows why he is placed on this planet, he can know that he has a purpose, and that he can make a difference. Having this outlook, a person faces the day with joy and hope. So many people have gone through all types of things, but then at the end of their life have looked back and they feel everything has been done in vain. Even Tom Brady, a successful NFL quarterback, in a speech once said he still feels empty. In the book of John Christ tells us that what gain is it to a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul?

      Giving one’s life to Christ is the only way one can find true joy. Happiness can be found in other things, as well, however. Yet, there is a difference between happiness and joy. Joy is being happy in all circumstances, whether good or bad. Happiness is when one is happy for a time, but happiness does not last without Christ. With Christ one can go through their life with a joyful heart.

      Another reason why giving one’s life to Jesus is reasonable is the matter of hope. There is a world out there full of hurting, hopeless people. God promises us that when we give our life to Him, we have the hope of eternal life. Many people live with the fear of death. This often leads to depressed, frightened people. Not only is the life-span of a depressed person full of turmoil and pain, but oftentimes it is shorter. A life of hope makes a person much more joyful, and one can never explain how much different a person’s life is when they are joyful!

      Many people in this world are looking for true love. This leads to many problems such as broken relationships, broken hearts, sadness and more. In the Bible Jesus tells that he has loved us with an everlasting love. This love is unconditional, and unending. If we give Jesus our hearts and our love, He will always do only what is best for us. With such powerful love coming from such a powerful loving Being, people are joyful, hopeful, and satisfied.

      What else can a person ask for than a life filled with satisfaction, joyfulness, hopefulness, and true love? Jesus can give a person all these things and even more. If you give your heart to Jesus, He will also bless you and look out for you, and be your best friend. This goes to show why it is reasonable to give your life to Him. God already loves you, He is just waiting for you to reciprocate it so than He can give you all these wonderful things and more. In the end, then, you can accept or reject this great love. 

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