Monday, July 13, 2009

bri's clubs and bik's cookies

Brianna has been busy with 5-Day clubs. Today I took her to one in Powhatan, Va and all the kids came too. She is so much fun to listen to and it's great to see how much the kids love her. She has come home with some pretty funny stories. Last week while she was teaching, one little girl raised her hand. When Brianna called on her she said, "Miss Bri, you have a spider on your head." When her co-teacher confirmed it and tried to flick it off it just swung back towards her face since it was on a web! If you know Brianna at all, that was NOT a small thing. She hates spiders almost as much as her mom. Somehow she managed to keep going, but not before she screamed!
When we got home from the club there was a surprise waiting for us in the dining room. Bik and Cheryl had sent us all these yummy desserts from a bakery in Massachusetts! The kids eyes were as wide as saucers when they saw these. And guess what we had for lunch??!! I know, give it up for a really cool mom ;) (and don't report me to social services OR my mom!)

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Susanna said...

oh my - I wish we were there now so we could share some for BREAKFAST! :)