Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday evening

We really enjoyed church today. A great message, music and good fellowship. We were invited over to some peoples house tonight for dessert. With us there, there were 14 kids and 4 adults. A full house! Our new friends have 8 children (7 boys and 1 gir). The kids all had a really good time. Jordan, the daughter, has been sewing for 8 years and enjoys making costumes most of all. Bri had a blast trying on dresses Jordan had made. :)
The trampoline was a big hit with everyone. I must say, I was furiously praying for safety while the kids were jumping and every time one would come in the house I would remind them, "Don't do anything foolish!" . Thankfully they all had a fun, SAFE time playing.

Apples to Apples is always a good ice breaker.

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