Saturday, July 11, 2009

community day

This afternoon we went to a church in the area that was having a Community Day celebrating their Food Bank's one year anniversary. We very recently started volunteering at the food bank and Matt has struck up a friendship with a couple of the men there. We had a great time and got to meet some really nice people. I realized that Leah doesn't have a hat, so Alissa offered one that belongs to her doll. It didn't quite fit, but served the purpose of keeping the sun off of her head!
The kids enjoyed the bouncy house.

Matt gave a testimony and briefly shared our CEF ministry.
Popsicles were passed around and all the kids had one.
Bri shared hers with Leah!
Four of the kids got their faces painted.
Here is Matt with his new friend Gullie. They both share a love for Jesus and a passion for serving Him.PS- any blogger experts want to tell me why my text keeps getting underlined? It's annoying! :)


Susanna said...

My text always gets underlined at the beginning of a post. It is super annoying and I have NO idea how to stop it. So if you find the answer, PLEASE share the solution! Thanks! :)

Tracy said...

Mine did the same until I learned to hit the enter bar before I started typing ... once I do that I don't have underlines. I have done posts without words, only pictures because it was annoying me. Go back and try to edit your post and see if it works. If it does, please email Dean and tell him I helped you with a tech question ... because it has NEVER happened before!